It’s all about the hair!


Hey you guys! I know this is way overdue but it is finally here! So a few months ago as some of you may know, I decided it was time to jump into something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. That being new hair products! If you are anything like me, you try to use a few extra products in your hair to keep it as healthy as you have time for, but you don’t really have time to go all out with fancy treatments. Well, I finally decided to join a group of amazing women and try out an amazing product! I also want to add, I would never share anything with you guys that I didn’t think was truly good or worth your time or money.

With that being said, I’ve used this shampoo and conditioner for about four months now, and the difference in the softness of my hair is unbelievable. I would have on and off days with my hair and it honestly takes a lot to get a more voluptuous look since I have super fine hair. Thats why I always try to curl my hair if I’m going out! But with these new Modern Nature hair care products, I can already feel my hair is softer, stronger and less oily with just a few washes!


I normally would wash my hair everyday because its so thin, and it becomes oily so much quicker! With Modern Nature, I can go every other day, even every two days, without washing! Dreams do come true people!

With all of that being said, this month only you can purchase a shampoo, conditioner, and style product through me and receive FREE shipping and 15% off FOR LIFE, plus a FREE product! How could you not want to give it a try? If I decided to go for it, I promise you its worth it! Everyone and anyone can also join my team and help others make the switch to happier, healthier hair, all from your phone!

I have also included a link to a video of how I curl my hair in here as well since I know that has literally been the most popular question I get on a daily basis!

To watch how I curl my hair tutorial: 

Feel free to reach out if you are ready to help your hair with these amazing and sulfate free hair care products!

You can take my hair quiz here and I will get back to you with what products will work best for you! Click here for Hair Quiz!

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Birthday Celebrations!


Happy (Almost) Halloween friends!!! This past weekend I celebrated my 23rd birthday out in Texas with some of my Texas friends and my dad. Not only did I get to celebrate my birthday, but Patrick and I celebrated our four year anniversary, and we finally got the celebrate him getting his wings of gold! What a weekend we had, full of my favorite thing to do, CELEBRATE! If you know me, you know I’m all about a good party or going out for some drinks to celebrate any occasion.

 So to kick off this wonderful weekend we traveled from south Texas up to Austin. After exploring downtown Austin, we headed to driftwood for some wine tasting. (I will link a list of places we visited while we were there and some of my favorite wineries!) Anyways, if you have never traveled to Austin before and are looking for a great weekend getaway, then allow me to share all the fun and note-worthy places there are to see! I’ve learned in my short 23 years of life that the more I can cram into a day, the more accomplished I feel at the end of it! For every trip Patrick and I take, we always end up waking up bright and early, grabbing breakfast, and hitting the road to see as much as we can. So here is a list of all of the places we explored and adventured to throughout the weekend!

Caroline’s destination recommendations in Austin, TX:

  1. Lake Travis- The Oasis
  2. Texas State Capitol
  3. LBJ Presidential Library
  4. Covert Park at Mount Bonnel
  5. Rainey Street (the bars)
  6. Duchman Family Winery
  7. San Marcos Premium Outlets
  8. Austin wall mural 
  9. Salt Lick BBQ
  10. Torchy’s Tacos
  11. Wimberly Valley Winery

Those are some of my favorite place to visit, sight-see, shop, and enjoy a good meal at! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I had the best day with Patrick, my dad, and a few of my close friends out in Texas. Cheers to 23 years, the best year yet! And cheers to the year I get to become a wifey!

That is all I have for now loves, thank you again for all of the love and support! I’m so excited for whats to come!

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It’s GIVEAWAY time!!!


Happy Monday y’all!!! I hope you all are doing so well and had a wonderful weekend. I just want to thank all of you that have continued to follow me through this blogging journey and supporting me every post of the way!


So with that being said, I have decided to team up with two other fabulous blogger gals I met through Instagram and was able to connect with when I went to visit my fiancé in Texas, since they live nearby! We are giving away a $200 Lululemon gift card for 1 lucky winner. To enter, simply follow the steps below and you will be entered to win:

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Good luck to everyone who is entering our giveaway! We are so excited to be teaming up for the giveaway!


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I said YES to the dress!

Good Morning babes! If the title of this blog isn’t obvious enough, I don’t what is! That’s right, I said YES to the DRESS! Ekkk!!! This, along with picking out a venue, has really made everything feel so much more real! I must say, everything is quite literally falling into place because my mom, grandma, and I went dress shopping just to see what I might like. I tried on some styles and then, out of the blue, I ended up with the one I fell in love with! Then I was able to take my soon to be mother-in-law and soon to be Aunt with me for another trip a couple weeks after to try on the dress again and find a veil!



We decided to go to Mon Amie Bridal in Orange County because that is where my mom and my soon to be mother-in-law picked out their wedding dresses 26 years ago! So my mom and I got to join the legacy club as we now both got our wedding dresses from the same bridal store. They had every dress I wanted to try by designers like Lazaro, Hailey Paige, and Randy Fenoli. I don’t want to give anything away just yet, but I picked one of these to be THE DRESS.


Thankfully, I had a rare weekend day off and grandma was feeling well enough to make the trip. Some tips I have for all of you brides-to-be when going dress shopping are:

  1. Thoroughly look through brides magazines, Pinterest, and designers websites to really pick out a clear style you like.
  2. Have a defined budget and don’t try on anything outside of it!
  3. Whatever details you want in the dress, make that is known to whoever is helping you at the salon.
  4. Have a minimal crowd, too many opinions can cause you to lose sight of what YOU want.
  5. When you know, you know! Trust me, I said the same thing and it honestly was really difficult to choose between everything I was trying on.
  6. Wear nude underwear and a strapless or stick-on bra.
  7. Always say yes to the Champagne!
  8. Its okay not to find it on the first outing.
  9. Think of what you imagine yourself in as you walk down the aisle. Do you want to be elegant, classy, chic, sexy, you name it! That what you have to remember when you are trying on everything under the sun!
  10. HAVE FUN and BE HAPPY!



I hope you lovely ladies can take something away from this! I’d love to hear about your upcoming shopping trips or previous experiences! Thanks for reading along and all the love!

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Headed for Houston!


Hello everyone! I hope you all have been having a happy October, as it is my favorite month of the year!  And yes, that may just be because it is my birthday month!

I was able to get away this weekend with the fiancé and jet out to see him in Houston, TX! If you ever get the chance to go visit, I wanted to give y’all some recommendations on what to go see and do! First off, we stayed in one of our favorite hotels by far; the JW Marriott in downtown Houston. It was gorgeous and everything was so nice, from the staff, to the room, to the lounge, everything was perfect.


For our first adventure of the weekend, Patrick picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to another private airport!  It was an incredible “Airpark,” where everyone’s backyard in the neighborhood backed up to the landing strip! Come to find out, Patrick had set up another plane ride for me to enjoy! He’s really trying to get my approval to buy his own little plane…So, he and our great friend Trey took Fashionable Flyer to new heights in a little Piper Pacer airplane right at sunset, and it was a blast!  All in all, I think I’m leaning towards letting him get us one of these! If you are ever in the Corpus Christi area, make sure to give Trey a call!  He and his wife give plane rides in their awesome World War 2 warbird airplane called a “Texan” that is seriously so much fun!  Check out my video from my ride a few months back here!


The next day we headed out to NASA’s Johnson Space Center to tour around all the rockets, and I let Patrick geek out with all the space stuff while I looked for all the best photo-opt places. I will admit, it was amazing to see the “Saturn V” Rocket up close and personal!  I would highly recommend going here and taking the tram tour around the facility because it is filled with so many incredible things to see.


Next up, yes, you can safely assume I got a shopping trip in. New city means a new mall to check out! If you are looking for a great day of shopping with all of the best stores and great restaurants, then I would certainly make a stop at The Galleria. It was beautiful and had so many great shops inside! No I didn’t get to roam around all of them as Patrick is not one to allow for any wasted time, especially inside a mall. LOL

We then went and took a few photos with a water-wall! It made for a beautiful backdrop in photos and was just neat to check out and conveniently placed right next to the Nordstrom at the Galleria.

DSC_0674DSC_0683 2DSC_0626

On our last day in Houston I made Patrick take me to a pumpkin patch that turned out to be a flower field and corn maze. They allowed you to self pick flowers, which was just as fun as picking pumpkins!


I hope ya’ll enjoy and I’ll try to share more fun places to travel to soon!

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New Season, New Me!

Fall FashionDSC_0414DSC_0419DSC_0433DSC_0416Shop: Sweater| Skirt | Booties

Happy Tuesday friends! I wanted to start off by saying thank you so much for all of your love and support as I start this new journey of blogging! Its been a little while since my last post because I have had SO much going on, but I decided it was time to make some changes in my life for the best!  It has become clearly evident to me lately that it was finally time to let go of my high school job that had carried me through college. Working here has been an amazing journey of learning, and it allowed me to gain valuable experience as an assistant manager. The friends and relationships I made there will stick with me forever, and I will miss that part a lot. Unfortunately, it became a huge stress in my life and caused me more pain than gain, so I decided to cut my ties with that job in order to be more flexible as Patrick and I begin actually doing the many exciting things in our lives we have been looking forward to in the upcoming month! With only a week left at work, I can already feel relief and joy as I can now focus on the things that matter most to me.

With all of that being said, I plan to treat my blog as my new full time job, as well as look for a new opportunity wherever one presents itself. There are seriously so many fun posts that I have been planning for the next month, and I’m so excited to see what the future will bring me as I pray to find a career that will fit my lifestyle as a soon to be military spouse! Wow, can we all just pause for a second and take it in, that I’m going to be a spouse….EKKK!

As scary as it is for me to be dropping my job without having a concrete plan, being with Patrick has taught me that things in life always work out at the end of the day, and there is never anything that we can’t overcome together as a team.

Well thats all the news from me for today! Again, thank you all so much for following along and being so supportive!

You can look forward to a GIVEAWAY in about a week because I finally hit 2,000 followers on the gram! YAY! I know its not huge, but we all start somewhere, right?

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365 days until I DO!

Hello Everyone!!! Some exciting things to share with you today, as today marks the one-year countdown until Patrick and I say “I do!” to each other forever! I am SO EXCITED! We have been all over the map in terms of dates and planning, but we have finally gotten all of our ducks in a row and it is such a relief. I have some majors tips and tricks for all of you soon to be brides that I wanted to share!

Being a (soon to be) military spouse, it is about 20x more difficult to try to plan a date for anything, especially when you are currently not living in the same state as your fiance and don’t even know where you will be living a year from now! Talk about a headache for this borderline bridezilla! lol just kidding… kind of. Anyways, if you are anything like myself, you already have a year, time of year, month, and date for a wedding set in your head, maybe even before you have been proposed to. Well, I’m here to tell you, do yourself a favor and wipe that from your memory and wait until it all happens, and do your planning in the moment. Otherwise, you are going to be crushed when for whatever reason you can’t get that exact date you have been dreaming of! Trust me, it happened to us. But guess what, I am just as happy as I would have been if I got the date I wanted to begin with. I guess Patrick IS right about some things after all.😏

So here we are with 365 days to get this wedding planned on a budget! Anyone can tell you, I’m not a fan of budgets, especially when I have an image in my head of exactly what I want. But we have discovered that it is totally possible to get that dreamy look you want without breaking the bank.

Here’s how we are making our wedding dreams come true without going over budget!

1. Find out what you can make yourself rather than paying someone to make for you.

2. Pick and choose what to splurge on and what you don’t need to splurge on.

3. If you are a military spouse and in San Diego, take a look at the venues on base. They are literally right on the water and beautiful for much less than every other venue space that shares the exact same view!

4. Write a list with your fiance on your must-haves and what you can live without.

5. Don’t invite people you haven’t spoken to in the last year.

6. Do some research before you just buy the first set of “Save the dates” or wedding invites you see. Sales exist and are always happening people! Start prepping for when the best times to buy are now.

7. Celebrate everything you get done together! This is a fun time!

Anyways, I hope this helps, and just have fun together and if you begin feeling too stressed out, take a break, go have a drink, and remember the real reason behind all of your planning.
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Labor Day Weekend Travels

Hey everyone! Happy Labor Day! I cannot believe we are already in September, honestly, where did summer go?! Well, at least I got to jet off to the east coast with my fiancé for our best friends wedding. We spent the whole weekend celebrating them with some of our friends who were also able to make it out with us for the long weekend.

I wore one of my favorite maxi dresses from Red Dress Boutique for the rehearsal dinner paired with my go-to Marc Fisher wedges because the dress does run a bit on the long side.

We laughed, we cried, we partied, and we prayed together with our dear friends and newlyweds, Alex and Anna. Their ceremony and reception were held on a beautiful farm in the backcountry hills of Virginia. We dodged some rain and thunderstorms during the rehearsal on Friday night and again in the evening of the wedding. Being from beautiful and sunny San Diego, it wasn’t even on my radar that it might downpour during the ceremony, which was outside! Thankfully, the clouds parted long enough for the couple to say their vows, slip on their new bling, snap a few photos and head to the reception inside a beautifully decorated barn, before the rain started pouring down.

For the wedding, I wore a lace midi dress from Nordstrom and got to wear my new Jeffery Campbell sparkling heels and yes I danced all night long without taking them off! Best heels ever!

All in all, it was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful couple and we couldn’t be more happy for them!

Thanks for reading along!

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Wedding Planning Update


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Top: Abercrombie Pants: Abercrombie Shoes: LOUISE ET CIE

Hi loves! I know it’s been a little while since I last posted because work has been nonstop and crazy! Thankfully, I finally got a day off to recoup. I have so many fun and exciting things to share with you all so I’m going to start with the most exciting announcement!!!

I’m sure many of you are curious and awaiting to hear more details about how the wedding planning is coming along so, I’m here to tell you all we picked a date! YAY! We are sooo excited to be moving forward with this planning process, as we were at a standstill for a while.

Initially, we were pretty set on waiting until 2020 to get married. After a lot of debate and contemplation, we decided to give it a shot and see if the church we want to be married at had any available dates left for 2019.

They had one date left for the timeframe we were wanting. (Mind you, the process for getting married in a Catholic Church is extensive.) We prayed and told each other that what was meant to be would be.

After a few days of awaiting if we got the date we requested, the wait was over. It’s official, we are getting married September 7th, 2019 at the church on the Campus where we met on September 7th, 2014. WHOA! What’s meant to be, will be. All of our ducks really aligned quite perfectly after all. (Even though I wasn’t initially thrilled I didn’t get my mid-summer wedding. Lol) Our next task is finding a venue! I’m hopefully I’ll be able to check this off our list this soon when I complete touring our top few choices. Stay tuned for more wedding updates as our 1 year count down is right around the corner!

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Travels to Texas

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Hello, Hello beauties! I wanted to share with you all a little about my trip out to see my babe this past week. As many of you know we are in a long distance relationship, so any opportunity I can get to fly out and see him, I absolutely take it (psst see my “How We’ve Overcome Distance Post“)

With only a couple of days to spare together, we made the most of it by heading to the beach, driving through the pretty cotton fields, and having some wedding planning conversations! We’ll talk more about that fun later. Since I went midweek, Patrick couldn’t travel up to Austin or San Antonio, two of our favorite cities, so we had to stay in south Texas and hit the beach. The only things about Texas beaches that are better than San Diego beaches are the warm water, you can drive onto them, and you can have a drink! So we grabbed some delicious Malibu fizzy lemonade drinks and headed out! Thanks to my #instahusband (in training LOL), I got some cute photos in this adorable little two-piece set from Red Dress Boutique. (I linked a similar one they have because mine sold out.) We played around with Patrick’s drone and got some fun little videos on the beach.

The next day we hit the pool for some downtime and wedding planning and then went to explore the farm fields and the rest of Kingsville! I found the cutest dress from Abercrombie to frolic these fields in. I was also able to see my girlfriends who are leaving Texas before they packed up and headed out! Although we only got two full days together, we made the most of our time, because that’s all you can do! Hopefully, some new opportunities will come up that way I can travel around a little more frequently! Until then, I’ll be at home working away and getting some serious wedding planning done!

Thanks for reading along loves!

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