Girls Weekend to St. Simons Island

Another weekend trip thanks to my husband, pilot Patrick! This weekend some girlfriends and I hoped on a private plane and zoomed down to St. Simons Island for the day. I’m serious when I say get yourself a husband, or a good friend, who is a pilot! It makes for very convenient travels. I just wanted to share some recommendations for what to do if you are ever thinking of traveling to St. Simons!

If you fly into McKinnon St. Simons Island Airport, they have either car rentals available, or an FBO car you can borrow for a couple hours to get around. We headed to the village to grab some lunch and walk around the cute shops.

Breakfast/ Lunch Recommendations

Palm Coast *

Sandcastle Cafe & Grille

Palmer’s Village Cafe

Coastal Kitchen


We ended up going to Palm Coast due to its convenient location near the pier and right in the village, but all other restaurants listed were recommended to me by friends who have enjoyed them.

Next up, we headed to the beach to jump into the Atlantic and sun bathe. There are a lot of entries to beaches just North of the pier, but we headed up to East Beach where there was a larger parking lot. The beaches were beautiful with white sand and warm water. (Still amazes me how warm the water is-coming from someone who grew up on the Pacific) Defiantly recommend getting here earlier to grab a good spot!

And then we wrapped up our day with some Italian Ice from Sunset Slush because on a hot day, nothing can beat a refreshing cold treat! 🙂

If you ever get the opportunity to visit this cute little island I would certainly recommend going!

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