Big Year for Big Moves

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful end to 2019 and a fantastic start to 2020 thus far. I know I sure did! How could I complain, I’ve been able to spend Christmas, New Years and a few days thereafter with my husband. Life is not to shabby! It almost feels like we’ve gotten into the grove of living together and enjoying day to day life together like every other married couple does. What a thought!

Well, as great as this has been I do have to go back to my reality of living at home so that I can keep my job that enables me to pay my student loans, car payment and credit card bills. This so called “reality” is certainly one I actually want to change. 2020 is simply too big of a year, not to have a goal so big it scares you just a little bit when thinking about it.

Therefore, I made a resolution, I have been needing to make since September, when I got married to finally make a move. THE MOVE. A move across the country to be with my husband! After spending time in our apartment this past couple of weeks, I have realized life really is so much nicer TOGETHER and there is never going to be the perfect time to make this happen.

I have been pushing things off and off and off because I am comfortable, I am comfortable at home, I am comfortable at work, I am comfortable in my social life, with all of my friends and family that I have around me. The only area of my life that is uncomfortable is the part where I hardly get to spend time with my HUSBAND and telling people I don’t live with my husband and the fact he lives across the Untied States! Surely, some of you can relate. If you’ve done distance you know how the conversation goes, people ask when are you going to be together and you reply either, hopefully soon or you just don’t know because of the military. As much as I love and support it, the military makes distance many peoples reality.

That has been my reality for the past almost 5 years. DISTANCE. Now, even more difficult because it was supposed to end once we got married. Then, I had a career advancement and put that ahead of our marriage, as Patrick supported it. Well, in these short months of marriage, if there is anything I have learned heading out of 2019 and into 2020, it is that timing won’t ever be perfect and there won’t ever be a better time. I am watching the days turn over realizing I can either keep my job and be distant until the Marine Corps allows us to move back to San Diego (unlikely) or I can enjoy my first year of marriage learning and growing as a family and find a new path for my career.

The second option has certainly spoken to me throughout this trip to South Carolina. It is starting to feel more normal and comfortable out here, though there are no great malls, bless online shopping and express 2 day shipping. I think I may just survive making myself uncomfortable for a little while. So, If there is any big decisions you are trying to make in your life right now, know that though it may feel out of your comfort zone, it will be the best decision for you in the long run. Don’t feel rushed, take your time, pray about it and start talking about it. It may help bring you to your conclusion, your big move.

So, if you haven’t picked up what I have been putting down, I will be sorting through my life here in San Diego and preparing to pack it up for a new journey to South Carolina in just a few short months! I couldn’t share this exciting yet slightly terrifying journey without you all, so a huge THANK YOU for following along and sharing your love and support with me. ❤

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my 2020 big moves journey!

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