Headed for Houston!


Hello everyone! I hope you all have been having a happy October, as it is my favorite month of the year!  And yes, that may just be because it is my birthday month!

I was able to get away this weekend with the fiancé and jet out to see him in Houston, TX! If you ever get the chance to go visit, I wanted to give y’all some recommendations on what to go see and do! First off, we stayed in one of our favorite hotels by far; the JW Marriott in downtown Houston. It was gorgeous and everything was so nice, from the staff, to the room, to the lounge, everything was perfect.


For our first adventure of the weekend, Patrick picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to another private airport!  It was an incredible “Airpark,” where everyone’s backyard in the neighborhood backed up to the landing strip! Come to find out, Patrick had set up another plane ride for me to enjoy! He’s really trying to get my approval to buy his own little plane…So, he and our great friend Trey took Fashionable Flyer to new heights in a little Piper Pacer airplane right at sunset, and it was a blast!  All in all, I think I’m leaning towards letting him get us one of these! If you are ever in the Corpus Christi area, make sure to give Trey a call!  He and his wife give plane rides in their awesome World War 2 warbird airplane called a “Texan” that is seriously so much fun!  Check out my video from my ride a few months back here!


The next day we headed out to NASA’s Johnson Space Center to tour around all the rockets, and I let Patrick geek out with all the space stuff while I looked for all the best photo-opt places. I will admit, it was amazing to see the “Saturn V” Rocket up close and personal!  I would highly recommend going here and taking the tram tour around the facility because it is filled with so many incredible things to see.


Next up, yes, you can safely assume I got a shopping trip in. New city means a new mall to check out! If you are looking for a great day of shopping with all of the best stores and great restaurants, then I would certainly make a stop at The Galleria. It was beautiful and had so many great shops inside! No I didn’t get to roam around all of them as Patrick is not one to allow for any wasted time, especially inside a mall. LOL

We then went and took a few photos with a water-wall! It made for a beautiful backdrop in photos and was just neat to check out and conveniently placed right next to the Nordstrom at the Galleria.

DSC_0674DSC_0683 2DSC_0626

On our last day in Houston I made Patrick take me to a pumpkin patch that turned out to be a flower field and corn maze. They allowed you to self pick flowers, which was just as fun as picking pumpkins!


I hope ya’ll enjoy and I’ll try to share more fun places to travel to soon!

Thanks for following along and all of your support!

You can follow more of my adventure @carolinelopresti 



One thought on “Headed for Houston!

  1. Thanks Caroline! Love the photos and your story. So glad you enjoyed the Pacer. You won’t regret letting Patrick buy an airplane. It will help create many great memories. We bought our first plane 17 years ago and it’s been amazing. Come fly with us at Texan Warbird Adventures anytime you want.


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