I said YES to the dress!

Good Morning babes! If the title of this blog isn’t obvious enough, I don’t what is! That’s right, I said YES to the DRESS! Ekkk!!! This, along with picking out a venue, has really made everything feel so much more real! I must say, everything is quite literally falling into place because my mom, grandma, and I went dress shopping just to see what I might like. I tried on some styles and then, out of the blue, I ended up with the one I fell in love with! Then I was able to take my soon to be mother-in-law and soon to be Aunt with me for another trip a couple weeks after to try on the dress again and find a veil!



We decided to go to Mon Amie Bridal in Orange County because that is where my mom and my soon to be mother-in-law picked out their wedding dresses 26 years ago! So my mom and I got to join the legacy club as we now both got our wedding dresses from the same bridal store. They had every dress I wanted to try by designers like Lazaro, Hailey Paige, and Randy Fenoli. I don’t want to give anything away just yet, but I picked one of these to be THE DRESS.


Thankfully, I had a rare weekend day off and grandma was feeling well enough to make the trip. Some tips I have for all of you brides-to-be when going dress shopping are:

  1. Thoroughly look through brides magazines, Pinterest, and designers websites to really pick out a clear style you like.
  2. Have a defined budget and don’t try on anything outside of it!
  3. Whatever details you want in the dress, make that is known to whoever is helping you at the salon.
  4. Have a minimal crowd, too many opinions can cause you to lose sight of what YOU want.
  5. When you know, you know! Trust me, I said the same thing and it honestly was really difficult to choose between everything I was trying on.
  6. Wear nude underwear and a strapless or stick-on bra.
  7. Always say yes to the Champagne!
  8. Its okay not to find it on the first outing.
  9. Think of what you imagine yourself in as you walk down the aisle. Do you want to be elegant, classy, chic, sexy, you name it! That what you have to remember when you are trying on everything under the sun!
  10. HAVE FUN and BE HAPPY!



I hope you lovely ladies can take something away from this! I’d love to hear about your upcoming shopping trips or previous experiences! Thanks for reading along and all the love!

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