Getting out of Town

Happy almost Friday loves!  I’ve landed in South Texas to visit my lovely fiancé and my sweet Texas girlfriends! I’m still waiting on the day my fiancé and I are together and have our own little airplane so we can travel together to go visit friends around the country, but until then I’ll just keep jet-setting on my own.

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So many life updates have happened since I was last out here to visit in May! First off, my sweet friend and her hubby just had their first baby, Mila Grace, and she is a gem! I’m so happy I was able to squeeze a trip in to see her while she’s still such a cute little nugget. Second, my dear friend Chloe is finally getting her prayers answered and moving out of Texas! I’m so thrilled for her, but I’m also so sad to see her leave because she’s headed to Japan with her love. (Will miss you so much, sweet girl). All in all, I had to make sure to make the trip and visit friends and my love before work gets crazy.

Now let’s get to the fashionable part because of course, I spent an ample amount of time picking out my outfits for all this fun!

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I jetted out bright and early yesterday morning in my favorite converse from the Nordy sale and statement denim jacket from Nordstrom Rack.

My go-to skort from Red Dress Boutique is literally so comfortable and cute, and it works great if you want the look of a skirt without the obvious drawbacks!  Bam, skort! I am convinced they are making a comeback, you heard it here first.

I like to be fashionable when I fly, Hence my blog name! I was traveling a lot more often before I graduated, but with work lately, it’s been a lot more difficult. I hope to be back in action with some more traveling again real soon!

Alright, friends, that’s all I have for you today! Check back for more outfit details from my trip. Thanks for flying along with me on this journey.

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