Keeping it Real

Hey friends!

I’ve been posting more on the gram than on here because lets face it, its easier to snap a photo, edit, caption and post then coming up with a full blog post to edit, plan out a location, time, and outfit to get the perfect photos to go along with you post. I haven’t traveled anywhere lately, and weekends have just been busy catching up wth things that have been putting off since the holidays. And then next thing I know, I haven’t shared a post in a month.

So as much as i’d love to show you my latest fashion finds, I’m taking a break from the mall for a SHORT time. Until then, I have plenty of wedding updates that are getting locked into place as I write this. YAY! There’s nothing I love more than feeling accomplished and checking things off of my list. I was never the type of person to wait until the last second to finish something. So, having even 8 months left to plan has me running around locking in contracts that I have been sitting on for a couple months now!

Although, I will share with you that I know most of you enjoy posts that are about fashion and outfits and the latest new. Well, I do too…Trust me. I’d shop every single day if funds allowed. But in reality its the year of my wedding, my student loan just hit, and Patrick and I will hopefully be purchasing a house! 2019 just got expense and I haven’t even done much unnecessary shopping to share with you all.

Anyways, I’m just as human as you and man is life crazy sometimes! I appreciate those of you that continue to support me and my little blog! I am looking forward to sharing more wedding planning tips with you all and my new vendors! I also have a VERY exciting little surprise to introduce to you all soon!

Happy Sunday! For More posts please follow @carolinelopresti

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