Let Them Eat Cake

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start! Now that we are in 2019, it’s time to hit the ground running with locking in all of our vendors for the wedding. We are now just 8 months out, and I’m dashing to get our Save-the-dates out the door, get the flowers under budget, and get our cake flavors narrowed down. Our goal is to get all of this done by end of February, so my time is running out.

This was definitely the most fun wedding planning activity I have gotten to do so far…BESIDES getting my dress! I mean who else wouldn’t love a reason to taste every different cake flavor available to them with frosting pairings. And oh, did I mention they served champagne too? Honestly, cakes are so expensive, and it is hard for Patrick and I to justify spending $1000 on a CAKE! Seriously, I was blown away at how much we were being quoted from the beginning. Thankfully, I have been following a little cake shop on Instagram, located on Grand Ave in Escondido, for a while now. It’s called Cute Cakes! (I love the name haha) I discovered them one day when my uncle pointed them out to me one day while at a car show! You never know what you’re going to find sometimes!

Thank you, social media, and thank you Uncle, for pointing this place out to me! They have been so great working with us on getting us our dream cake with our not so dreamy budget. ha ha I can’t wait to see the final result after working so closely with Cute Cakes to work up the perfect cake to fit our wedding day!

Well, thats all the cake I have for you all for now! Thanks for following along. Be sure to follow me @carolinelopresti for daily posts.

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