Time for a wedding planner!

7 months! We are only seven months away from our wedding date! Let me tell you, planning a wedding is not all butterflies and fairies, especially when your other half does not live in the same state. Thankfully, we live in the age of Instagram and networking! This is where I found the sweetest women in the midst of trying to make sure all of our vendors are locked in place and deposits are paid, I knew I needed some help. So let me introduce Christina!

Christina is a perfectionist, as am I, so I know she will help us execute of all of the details perfectly come wedding day. We talked for a solid hour initially as we began bouncing ideas off each other, and she was always one step ahead of me. She was thinking about how everything will be set, flow together, how time frames will work out, everything. She knows exactly what she is doing! I love how I could describe my vision to Christina and she knew exactly what I wanted, plus she had great ideas to add along. When I took her to see our venue and speak with our catering coordinator, she had all the best questions to ask. I’m very glad we are on the same page with how I wanted the room to be set up.

She is located in LA, but helps brides and grooms plan their weddings all over southern California. I knew I would want someone to help pull all of the strings together come 30 days before the wedding because lets face it, the most stressful time of wedding planning is when everything is coming down to the wire! Christina will be in the loop all the way, following up to the month of the wedding so I can have her step in at any moment I may need/want her assistance! I highly recommend looking into getting a wedding planner at least for “month-of” planning, to help take all of the extra stress off of your back to be able to enjoy the last 30 days of being a fiancé! Christina is unlike any other wedding planner I had spoken with because even though I only needed a month of planner, she is doing so much more. She is going to be involved with all vendors I choose and speak with along the way, so I don’t have to wait until the last 30 days to catch her up with all of the planning I had been doing prior! I cannot wait to work closer with Christina and share more fun wedding planning updates with you all!!!


Please feel free to email Christina Andriotis, and follow her on Instagram, if you are looking for a wedding planner to help with all of your upcoming planning needs! check out her website at Love Loud Events. 

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