February 14th



Oh Valentine’s Day…Some of us love it! Others of us hate it, and most of us don’t think much of it. Well, I used to not care for it myself. The day was just another day but with some added candies and activities at school. It was a day all my girlfriends and I would guess whose boyfriend would get who what.

Now as I have grown older and met my special love, the date and holiday has since grown on me. I see it as a day to express and show those who we love and care about, how much we really love and cherish them.

It may be because I finally found my valentine or because my valentines birthday is literally Valentine’s Day (How romantic, right)! Well, not so much, Valentine’s Day is Patrick’s birthday and that’s really what we celebrate! Even though he never fails with spoiling me, I have grown to appreciate the day as a day to show those you love how much you appreciate them. I enjoy buying flowers for my mother and sending appreciative messages to all my best friends, and of course sending my love to my fiancé. While Patrick wasn’t able to make it in town for us to take some cute valentine’s photos, I did get to do a “Galantines” theme photo shoot with my bestie/maid of honor this year, and it was so much fun!


So whether Valentine’s Day is your favorite day or not, try to remember, it is what you make of it. There’s a reason Galantine’s is becoming so much more popular! Go out with your friends, or stay in and take a hot bath, eat some pizza with a glass of wine, or go on that fancy date with your significant other! Enjoy the day and just know you are loved.

Thanks for reading along! Happy Valentine’s Day my little lovers.

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