Getting out of Town

Happy almost Friday loves!  I’ve landed in South Texas to visit my lovely fiancé and my sweet Texas girlfriends! I’m still waiting on the day my fiancé and I are together and have our own little airplane so we can travel together to go visit friends around the country, but until then I’ll just keep jet-setting on my own.

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So many life updates have happened since I was last out here to visit in May! First off, my sweet friend and her hubby just had their first baby, Mila Grace, and she is a gem! I’m so happy I was able to squeeze a trip in to see her while she’s still such a cute little nugget. Second, my dear friend Chloe is finally getting her prayers answered and moving out of Texas! I’m so thrilled for her, but I’m also so sad to see her leave because she’s headed to Japan with her love. (Will miss you so much, sweet girl). All in all, I had to make sure to make the trip and visit friends and my love before work gets crazy.

Now let’s get to the fashionable part because of course, I spent an ample amount of time picking out my outfits for all this fun!

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I jetted out bright and early yesterday morning in my favorite converse from the Nordy sale and statement denim jacket from Nordstrom Rack.

My go-to skort from Red Dress Boutique is literally so comfortable and cute, and it works great if you want the look of a skirt without the obvious drawbacks!  Bam, skort! I am convinced they are making a comeback, you heard it here first.

I like to be fashionable when I fly, Hence my blog name! I was traveling a lot more often before I graduated, but with work lately, it’s been a lot more difficult. I hope to be back in action with some more traveling again real soon!

Alright, friends, that’s all I have for you today! Check back for more outfit details from my trip. Thanks for flying along with me on this journey.

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How We’ve Overcome Distance

Hey friends! I know many of you have been asking how my fiance and I have been able to “do the distance.” Well, I’m here to share with you all of our tips on how to make it work! Let’s rewind about three years when Patrick left to fulfill his dreams as a Marine Pilot after he graduated college. Our one year anniversary of dating was coming up right after he left so, it was tough to watch the guy I had spent every day of my first year of college with leave to the other side of the country, for who knows how long. After about a month of him being gone, we quickly learned we needed to give ourselves something to look forward to every month or every other month, otherwise, you focus too much on how difficult the time apart is rather than looking forward to the time you will spend together. We’ve made it work thus far, so we must be doing something right! So here are our top 10 things that have helped us get through the past three years together.

1. Build a strong foundationIMG_6676 If you weren’t able to spend a solid amount of time together prior to your distance. Make sure to spend time having quality talks and getting to know each other’s backgrounds and foundation before trying to build your own foundation together. Thankfully, we were able to take a year to be together before being distant to grow together.

2. Have FaceTime dates whenever possible5We like to face time at least twice a week, if not once. It doesn’t always work out this way but, we don’t let it ruin our day or week if we can’t make it work with our schedules.

3. Have faith in each other Processed with VSCO with a6 presetBeing in a distant relationship there’s nothing worse than not being able to hang out with your friends because your partner doesn’t want you to go out and have fun without them. You need your friends as your support team because you aren’t always together to entertain each other. We promised each other we would never hold one another back, but would always have trust and be faithful.

4. Have each other’s backs through the tough timesProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetWhen he might be having a rough week with work and I am stressed about my future or my job, we give each other words of encouragement and remind each other that we are there for each other. We say, “I support you 100%,” “if you need anything, I’m here,” “we  can get through it together.”

5. Find your person who can survive distance without being distantProcessed with VSCO with a6 presetWe grew to realize that investing time into one another is the key to having such a strong relationship because you do become a team and your team won’t survive without the effort of both people.

6. If you can be there, be there

You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk? If we ever have an opportunity to be there, we make sure to be there. You can pretend to care, but you can pretend to be there.

7. Be silly and laugh a littleengagements1-13
We find the funny in everything. From him growing a mustache, to me obsessively buying pool floaties. We laugh at/with each other above all else. You can’t hang onto the fact that you aren’t physically together, rather hang onto the fact that you are on the same page and still supporting each other.

8. Learn the tricks of travelingcouple goalsInvest in a good credit card that gets you lots of airline miles because that makes it a lot easier on the wallet if you just need that weekend trip to see each other and spend time together but the $500 plane ticket is not in the question. Thankfully, Patrick is so good with finding all the deals, so he got us both some great credit card deals that were easy to rack up a TON of miles on.

9. Visit each other as much as possibleAgain, we’ve definitely had to do our research to figure out how we were going to be able to afford plane tickets every month or two. But, that was about the time period when we were missing one another and if I could get a weekend off of work, you bet I would be on a plane Friday morning to wherever Patrick was.

10. STAY FAITHFUL_mg_9613_42433097611_oIf you truly love each other, this isn’t difficult. We always go out to bars and have fun with our friends and rather than getting mad that a girl was flirting with him, I ask what stories he has from last night and they usually turn into a pretty good laugh and visa-versa. We laugh together because we trust one another.

And that’s a wrap! 10 things that Patrick and I have learned throughout our years of dating that has kept us together and has kept us growing closer together as a couple to continue the rest of our lives together!

Thank you all for reading along and showing so much love and support! Please feel free to send in any blog requests and follow me on Instagram @carolinelopresti 

*All photos are taken by professional photographers, Sammi Stotts, Jessica Bertken and Nicole Keel*



Adventures in Palm Springs

Hey friends! If anyone is looking for a weekend getaway that’s nearby to Southern California, Plam Springs is the way to go! I’ve been going there for years, every summer with my parents until I could finally go with my friends, and now I’ve finally been able to take my Fiancé. We spent the day in Palm Springs on a whim since we both happened to have a day off of work, and he was in town!

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So what can you possibly do in 124-degree weather in the desert? Go figure we went on the hottest day of the year…Well, leave it to Patrick to find an air museum that we absolutely had to go to. But to his credit, it was actually not the most boring museum trip I’ve ever had! lol, This airplane stuff is definitely growing on me.

I suppose I should take this opportunity to finally explain the name of my blog! Our fascination with aviation and airplanes is the reason I decided to name my blog Fashionable Flyer! I suppose when your soon to be husband is obsessed with something,  that means you better start enjoying just a little bit of that something too. After all, you are about to spend a lot more time together. So we’ve learned to compromise; every air museum trip is followed by a trip to the mall!  Where fashion meets flying!  We have even decided that having a little plane of our own will certainly be in the near future, so stay tuned for more adventures with that.

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Anyways, I must say that the Palm Springs Air Museum is a great stop if you are in town.  It has some great history, some incredible airplanes that you can get in and even take rides in, and is ultimately just a great place to cool off in the heat!  The super friendly retired folks who work there are great, and make me proud to be from the USA!

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After the museum, our next stop was the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. This was seriously the best idea we had for the day.  First off, it was about 40 degrees cooler on top of the mountains, and we had a gorgeous view of all of Palm Springs from the Peaks Restaurant. There was a beautiful hiking trail…that I did not make it on, given my impractical shoe choice (I’m called Fashionable Flyer, not Practical Flyer after all). This turned out to be okay though because all of the pretty views are very easily accessible without going too far down the hiking trail.

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The Peaks restaurant was delicious as well! We had an amazing lunch with an awesome view of the desert.  Patrick had their Lemon Salmon, and I had their Avocado BLT.  5 Stars for sure!  After lunch and some photos, we then headed back down the mountain to the raging heat and hit the pool at the Saguaro hotel. If you are looking for a place to take all of your Instagram photos…this hotel has all the vibrant colors.  It has a very retro, Route 66, feel to it, which made for a fun afternoon in the pool.  They also have some great rates for Southern Californians!

If you all have any questions about the trip or are looking for some tips, please feel free to comment or DM me!  Thanks for flying along with me!

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Engagement photos

The photos you all have been waiting for are here! This past weekend, Patrick and I had our engagement photos taken with the marvelous Nicole Keel. Seriously, big shout out to this woman! I gave her a couple of Pinterest photos as examples of what I liked, and she made sure to get all of the shots perfectly. There’s nothing better than having a photographer who makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. She nailed it, the whole shoot was so fun, romantic, and dreamy. I highly recommend Nicole to all of my San Diego friends looking for a photographer for any occasion!

Thank you so much Nicole! Be sure to follow her on Instagram @claritybynicole.

Now, for the outfit details… First, thank you to everyone who sent me suggestions for where to find a fitting dress for this occasion. I was able to find the dreamiest dress from Shop Impressions online boutique. After browsing their dress selection for a couple hours, I finally was able to find the one I had in mind. I swear, it’s always when you are looking for something specific that you can’t find it anywhere. Thankfully, Shop Impressions had just what I was looking for and more. I wanted something that was a soft pink or mossy pink and flowy, but of course, I found all of that PLUS a little touch of sparkles! That was a win in my books!

Now, I know with all of this engagement talk you are all wondering when the date will be! Unfortunately, we still don’t have an answer for you, so I’m sorry. But, I promise the date and more wedding planning posts will be coming soon! Until then, thanks for reading and feel free to send over recommendations for future posts!

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Nordstrom Sale Looks

So I know I’m a little late to the game here, but here are some outfits I put together from what I got at the Nordstrom Sale. I’ve shared these all on my Instagram, but I just wanted to get a post out on it because I only did a quick try-on with these and I think these are all great staple pieces to have.

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My favorite staple piece is this suede skirt because I can dress it up for a night out with my Fiancé or the girls. Once it gets cooler I will definitely be pairing this with a cute sweater and over the knee boots. Until then, I will be pairing this with some mules and a light tank or bodysuit. For reference, this bodysuit is size x-small and the skirt is size 26. Shoes are linked in the previous post!

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I got this adorable romper that I absolutely LOVE. It just fits so well and it is perfect for any soon to be brides out there! This will certainly be worn on multiple occasions because I love it that much. For reference, I’m wearing a Small.

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I also snagged this super comfy skort because I have a new obsession with skorts and the convenience of having shorts with the look of a skirt is so fun. Personally, I have always loved wearing skirts because of how much better they look on me. Yet, finding a skirt that’s not too short can be a little difficult because of my long legs! So I love the idea of skorts. I paired my skort with this fun tank I got in lavender and it comes in black and Green as well!

Those are some of my favorites from the anniversary sale! Thanks for reading along, I hope you guys enjoyed!




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Nordstrom Sale Shoe Edition

Hey loves! It’s finally the best time of the year again!!! Well, in my opinion anyway! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is well underway and I had way too much fun shopping it these past two days. I had all intentions of getting a pair of black booties and a pair of white booties I saw in the catalog. Well, SIX pairs of shoes later, I did end up with a black pair but mostly white pairs of new booties and I am obsessed! I will say, I’m always one for comfort since my job requires me to be on my feet all day and these are all super comfortable shoes. I have yet to own a pair of 1.State shoes before but, they seriously surprised me with how comfortable they were!

I’ve linked everything for you from the photos above, down below and seriously, I highly recommend either buying them now if you know your size or reserving them in store and going to try them on because these are going to sell out SO FAST! I never used reserve in store before but it was so easy! I shopped on the Nordstrom app and reserved everything I wanted last night at my home mall of North County Fair. Then, I went in today to purchase all of my clothes that I found online, so quick and easy!

I also have to say, major shout out to Laura in the shoe department at North County Fair Nordstrom, she seriously is always such a huge help and yesterday she helped me so much and was so sweet as it took me forever to decide what I wanted to get!

I will share what clothes I got tomorrow, so stay tuned!

  1. Off-White Steve Madden Booties
  2. Black Rebecca Minkoff Mules
  3. Black Halogen Booties
  4. White Treasure & Bond Mules
  5. Charcoal Suede 1.State Booties
  6. White Halogen Booties



Casual Looks for Summer

Abercrombie and Fitch matching set yellow


Overalls in shorts Abercrombie & FitchSteve Madden

Hey Friends! Since I’ve been getting so many compliments and questions about this cute yellow matching set that I just recently found at Abercrombie & Fitch, I wanted to share some more of my favorite fashion finds for summer.

As you know, I do work at Abercrombie & Fitch so, I get to see all of the latest styles hit the sales floor firsthand. Talk. About. Dangerous. As soon as I saw this cute little matching set, I couldn’t help but think how perfect it was for a fun summer trip! I always gravitate towards color, especially during the summer. I think it’s so much more fun to wear bright and popping colors.

I also picked up these super cute white overalls from Abercrombie & Fitch. I must say, I was such a skeptic about overalls at first because I’m pretty sure the last time I wore them I was 3 years old and my mom dressed me. BUT, I actually really like these for summer and they are on major sale right now! Last but not least, I got these trendy sunnies from Brave and Bliss and you can order them with my code: CC20 for 20% off!

Thanks for reading! Have a great rest of your week loves!


The Engagement​ Story


As some of you may have already known, I recently got engaged to the love of my life and I am still on cloud nine!  We could not be happier to begin planning our lives together as one, as we are getting closer and closer to the end of this long distance relationship, YAY!  For those of you who don’t know, my fiancé is in the military so we have been doing the whole long-distance relationship thing for about three out of the four years we’ve been dating.

I was a Freshman in college, only about two weeks into school when my Fiancé, Patrick, and I met.  Long story short… He graduated at the end of that school year, left San Diego for the rest of his training and we managed to continue growing our relationship together despite the distance.  He always flew me out to wherever he was at the time, regardless of how long I could stay.  Even if I could only do a quick weekend trip because I had classes Monday thru Friday, we would make the most of our time together.

Fast forward 4 years later and it is finally my turn to graduate from college.  Done with school forever baby!  After watching my Fiancé advance in a career he loved, I was SO eager to get started with mine.  Anyways, two days before graduation he flew out to San Diego to celebrate the weekend with me.  We had a photoshoot planned with one of my friends, Jessica.  Since we aren’t always together, we love to get a fun photo shoot in while we are together.  Little did I, or Jessica know, Patrick had a big surprise to reveal during this shoot!

He paused after only a couple of photos being taken and said, ” hold on now, I think you are missing something that you will be needing for the rest of this shoot.  Caroline, will you marry me?”  It was the moment Jessica and I had talked about the whole school year, just guessing when the big question would come! It was a moment filled with excitement, joy, and happy tears. Jessica, being the amazing photographer she is, without knowing it was coming, still captured every moment perfectly! We were able to spend the rest of the afternoon with our parents celebrating intimately at Cordiano Winery. And so the wedding planning begins…


Starting Something New!

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Hey there!  My name is Caroline and I’ve recently graduated from college and I am working full time at Abercrombie & Fitch, one of my favorite places to shop!  I have been aspiring to start a blog for a few years now so, here I am.  I have always LOVED picking out my outfits for school, work, church on Sundays, and any other fun events that come up. Since graduating from college, I’ve had more time on my hands to do what I love.  So, now its time to share my passion with all of you!

So with that being said…

One of my go-to shops for any occasion dress is the Red Dress.  Whether I am going wine tasting with some girlfriends or out to dinner for a date night with my Fiancé, I have continued to be overly pleased with the quality of Red Dress clothing.  Their clothing is of high quality, reasonable price, and I love the super fast shipping. Shipping is always something that can make or break my decision to purchase online so its great to see a store that can put my mind at ease!  Anyways, if you are looking for something fun and flowy this summer, I found the perfect maxi dress.  I tied together this beautiful dress with a pair of my favorite wedges.  After working in retail and being on my feet 8 hours a day, I’ve found a new love for comfortable AND cute shoes when I can find them, and let me tell you, these are so comfortable!

Thank you for reading along! I’d love if you sent me any feedback you may have on current or future blog posts.