How I Asked My Bridesmaids

Hi Babes!!! So good to finally get back to writing for this blog! I was finally able to ask all of my beautiful bridesmaids to be apart of my bridal party. This was the most exciting little surprise I got to put together for my bride tribe! 

I wanted to share with you all how I asked all of my bridesmaids to be apart of my special day.  If anyone is recently engaged and looking for unique ways for bridesmaid proposals, I hope this helps spark your creativity. I put together little boxes for each of my girls with personalized touches in each box!

I bought mini Rosé champagne bottles and the perfect little labels from Amazon that fit the bottle perfectly! They came in little packs of 12 and 2 said, “will you be my Maid of Honor” and the rest said, “will you be my bridesmaid.” Next came the champagne glasses I bought from the dollar store, and I used my handy Cricut machine to design and cut out “bridesmaids” into a sticker to make each glass personalized. I then added in Sugarfina Champagne gummy bears, because these will be playing a role in our wedding! (I can’t spoil the surprise yet!) I also decided that a Bath & Body Works Champagne Toast candle goes perfectly with the vibe of this bride tribe! (I also got the single wick candles when they were on sale of course) As a finishing touch, I wrote each of my girls a heart felt letter bringing back all of our memories together to let them know why I want to have each and every one of them to stand by my side throughout this whole wedding process! To top it off, we enjoyed all of the festivities at one of my favorite wineries, La Finquita! I highly recommend giving them a visit, because they have the best wine slushies for the summer, and now that the weather has finally cooled off, they have hot wine! A must try! Wedding planning is always so much fun, as it should be; but once you have your girls to be a part of the planning process, it gets a whole lot more fun! 

I hope you all enjoyed what I had to share, don’t forget, no matter how you propose to your bridal party, they will be thrilled to be apart of your special day! 

Love you all so much and thank you all for reading!!! Don’t forget to follow me @carolinelopresti for more posts!

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