Holiday Gift Guide!!!

Happy Tuesday! Only 2 more days until Thanksgiving, which means only 3 more days until BLACK FRIDAY!!! I may or may not be more excited about this Thanksgiving than I’ve ever been before. Reason being, this is my first Thanksgiving in 6 years that I don’t have to work through family dinner into the night and be up bright and early in the AM for the madness of Black Friday shoppers! WHOHOOO! So with that, I decided to start my shopping a little early, since I actually get to enjoy the sales this year rather than run from them because I hated being anywhere near a mall this time of year!

So my first tip is that honestly, you don’t even need to shop the sales ON Black Friday. Most of the sales  have already begun, and for those that haven’t, they will certainly last the whole weekend. So with that being said, here are my top gift ideas for her, for him, for mom and for dad this year. Enjoy!

For Her

  1. Sweater
  2. PJ pants
  3. Black Ruffle Dress
  4. Tiffany Perfume
  5. Body-con Dress
  6. Fluffy Pullover
  7. Ugg Slippers
  8. Tory Burch Sandles
  9. Tan Suade Jacket
  10. Pink Carry on

For Him

  1. Wallet
  2.  Noise Cancelling Headphones
  3.  Waterproof Razor
  4.  Bose Headphones

For Mom

  1. Plush Blanket
  2. Xmas PJ’s
  3.  Micro needling Set
  4.  Blessed Necklace

For Dad

  1. Neck and Back Massager 
  2. Tool Kit
  3. Sweater
  4. Flannel
  5. Jacket

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