Road Trip

For about 6-8 months out of the year, AMN receives a high volume of jobs for many specialties that the company is required to fill. Let’s Take A Road Trip is a multi-faceted, integrated campaign that I strategized, developed, executed, and tracked from conception to completion. Through the use of various channels and innovative targeting, this campaign generated $19,145,000 in revenue.

  • Surveyed current travelers for insight on what types of prizes & collateral they’d most like to receive
  • Assisted in development of gamified landing page offering incentives in exchange for certain actions (i.e: refer a friend for an Amazon Fire TV Stick or take a 13-week assignment for an Apple Watch)
  • Activated lead database through an email cadence lasting ~12 weeks
  • Provided repeat clinicians with a loyalty gift in efforts to increase retention
  • Generated new leads through use of carousel Facebook ads and location-specific display ads
  • Utilized giveaway boxes to increase organic social media traffic
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