AMNtraveler Instagram

The AMNtraveler Instagram was apart of an initiative to humanize our brand. Through clinician surveys, we found that nurses often viewed AMN Healthcare as being a large, corporate brand, that was more concerned about its bottom line than its people. In order to combat this belief, I re-branded our Instagram to feature content by our clinicians, for our clinicians. This has had a continued positive effect on our brands name and the relationship we have with our clinicians. Our engagement on Instagram has increased over 700% in the span of 3 months. As we increase our activity on Instagram, our following, interactions and overall engagement is flourishing.

My top performing posts in the past month include but not limited to:

  • FIGS scrubs giveaway: 3,428 reach, 1,486 comments, 344 likes
  • ICU Urgent Needs: 1,673 reach, 53 shares, 116 likes
  • Nurses Week Chief Clinical Officer Video: 1,221 reach, 4 sends, 530 views

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