Hi there and welcome to my blog, Fashionable Flyer! My name is Caroline (LoPresti) Kaufer and I recently married my college sweetheart and we just got back from the dreamiest honeymoon in Maui, HI! Now that we are back to work and getting our lives more organized after months of wedding planning, I will be sharing our next big move and so much more this fall.

As we transition back into our careers and lives as they were, living in different states, I will be sharing our first year of marriage journey with you all and how we overcome more distance. I will also be catching up on all of the blog posts I have been wanting to share throughout the next couple of months from all things wedding related. Feel free to message me with anything you would like to read about and I will add it to my list! I can’t wait to continue sharing with you all my favorite fashion finds, spontaneous travel adventures, and some insight on my military relationship. I hope you all enjoy flying along with me! 

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